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Fischer Farms to nurture the farmers of the future

Fischer Farms, revolutionaries in vertical farming, is set to upskill a labour force to create the farmers of the future, ahead of its second site launch later this year.

The agri-tech firm, which is set to open the world’s largest vertical farm in Autumn, is heavily investing in its team, creating job opportunities for those that want to become pioneers of sustainable and responsible farming.

Following a £26m investment from positive impact investors, Gresham House, Fischer Farms is building a highly skilled team of vertical farming experts, with unrivalled experience in green energy and sustainability.

Each team member will be trained and upskilled in this groundbreaking form of farming. They will also have the opportunity to develop their career as the business scales-up in the coming years, and expands into growing other crops including soya beans, rice and wheat.

The recruitment drive comes as Fischer Farms prepares to launch a new £25m 4-acre plant in Norfolk this year, which will grow fresh produce via a stacked, biosecure, climate-controlled and fully automated system. With 25,000 m2 of growing space, the site will supply leaf salad (rocket, lettuce etc), leafy herbs (basil) and other fresh produce to UK supermarkets and suppliers every day.

Tristan Fischer, Founder and CEO of Fischer Farms, said: “As we prepare to open the world’s largest vertical farm, we are investing heavily in our team to make sure we have the right people to support our growth.

“With a long term goal of growing soya beans, rice and wheat in significant volumes and at price points that compare favourably to global commodity prices, we are looking for people who share our vision of feeding a soaring population, without depleting Earth’s finite natural resources. In return, we can offer you an exciting challenge and the opportunity to be at the very cutting edge of vertical farming.”