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Feeding the world through vertical farming 

Reaching new heights to safeguard food security and grow perfection


The future of


At Fischer Farms, we are creating the farm of the future. And it’s vertical.

We are innovators and pioneers in vertical farming, backed by Gresham House.

We are leading the way in scalable food production to provide a more resilient and sustainable way to feed the world.


Why we do it

why we do it

Creating the

future of farming

As the global populations continues to soar, and climate change and pollution put strain on the environment, traditional farming methods are becoming increasingly unsustainable.

So how do we solve these challenges?

Revolutionary vertical farming methods give us better food security, better food consistency and better food quality.

All while protecting our precious planet.

Thanks to our bio-secure, closed loop system, we can avoid many of the issues associated with conventional farming, such as chemical run-off and soil degradation, and our operations use less water.

So we can produce quality produce, time and time again.

How we do it


We create fresh produce that is

Our ground-breaking vertical farms use the latest technology and innovations to grow high quality fresh produce, 365-days-a-year.

Grown in a stacked, biosecure, climate-controlled environment, our fully automated system is capable of producing salad yields that are significantly greater than conventional farming, whilst minimising the impact on the surrounding landscape.

Today we’re growing leafy greens – all without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. In the future, we’ll be growing soft fruit, rice, wheat, soy and peas.

And because these are all grown with vertical farming methods, it gives us better food security, better food consistency and better food quality.

Fischer farms

the benefits of

vertical farming

Locally grown

Our delicious fresh produce is grown right here in the UK, 365-days-a-year.

Consistently High-Quality Produce

Vertically farmed in bio-secure facilities, our crops are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Producing our delicious fruits and vegetables in our innovative facility means we can harvest consistently high-quality produce all year round.

Minimises Environmental Impact

Our revolutionary system maximises space, producing significantly more harvests per year than field-grown. Plus, our ‘farm to fork’ times are considerably shorter than imported crops.

Reduce Food Waste

Grown in a bio-secure facility, our crops do not need to be washed, which retains nutrients and extends the shelf-life by as much as a week.

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