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Our vision is to feed the world with nutritional, high calorie foods, powered by 100% renewable energy. 


Highest quality


Fischer Farms is creating a revolution in farming with its scalable, next generation, ‘Vertical Farms’. These are closed systems using an energy-efficient, LED-based lighting system to produce crops of the highest quality: leafy greens are grown in trays racked over many levels high and harvested via a highly-automated process. Fischer Farms grows a wide range of short leaf products including lettuce, rocket, watercress, chard, basil, dill and parsley. Our purpose built ground breaking environment will be powered by 100% green energy and we are working towards operating 365 days a year using only sustainable energy sources and providing yields 250 times greater than conventional farming.

In the next decade we are aiming for some of the world’s least sustainable foods to be grown at scale. Our goal is to produce soya beans, rice, and wheat in significant volumes, at price points that compare favourably to global commodity prices.


Why we do it

why we do it

Looking after

our planet

At Fischer Farms, we are committed to finding new ways of feeding the world, to safeguard global food security in a sustainable way. 

With an ambition to run on 100% renewable energy our solar and wind powered facilities ensure a low carbon footprint, with no impact on the surrounding countryside from issues typically associated with traditional farming, such as topsoil erosion or chemical run-off. This ambition is becoming ever more achievable with the cost of wind energy reducing by 39% and solar by 82% (source: International Renewable Energy Agency).

How we do it


Next generation

vertical farming

Grown in a stacked, biosecure, climate-controlled environment, our fully automated system uses data analytics to grow, harvest and reseed our crops. 

Energy-efficient LED lighting allows our lights to be placed very close to the plants, maximising space with tightly stacked layers. This uses a fraction of the land required for field grown crops, but still enables us to produce at scale 365 days a year. Our farms enable us to grow the same amount of food as 1,000 acres of conventional British farmland.

tristan fischer vertical farm
Fischer farms

the benefits of

vertical farming

Consistently High-Quality Produce

Our delicious produce is vertically farmed in bio-secure facilities, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Producing our delicious fruits and vegetables in our innovative facility means we can harvest consistently high-quality produce 365 days a year

Minimises Environmental Impact

Our revolutionary system maximises space, producing significantly more harvests per year than field-grown. Produced in Britain, 365-days-a-year, our ‘farm to fork’ times are considerably shorter than imported crops.

Reduce Food Waste

Grown in a bio-secure facility, our crops do not need to be washed, which retains nutrients and extends the shelf-life by as much as a week.

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