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Fischer farms

What we



Growing perfection

We are growing ethical, edible plants that are good for people, planet and palates.

We currently grow a wide range of delicious short leaf salad and herbs, including rocket, watercress, basil and chives.

Grown in a controlled environment, free from the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, we can select seeds based purely on their taste and texture, resulting in restaurant-quality food.


How is our
produce grown?

Our crops are grown in a biosecure, climate-controlled automated environment, in stacked trays under energy-efficient LED lights.

We use the very latest data analysis and robotic automation to optimise the growing, harvesting and reseeding systems. This means that we can provide the perfect mix of light, nutrients, and water, enabling us to produce hundreds of harvests every year, with minimal manual intervention.

This process uses significantly less water than field-grown crops and ensures zero impact on the surrounding countryside from issues such as topsoil erosion or chemical run-off, which are typically associated with traditional farming methods.

We operate all year round, entirely independent of volatile weather conditions, providing retailers and food service providers with a stable supply of produce.

Our future produce


new heights

Today we are growing leafy greens, but as we scale up (and up), we plan to move into soft fruit, rice, wheat, soy and peas.

We are futureproofing food security. And if works here – it can work anywhere, feeding the world with sustainable yet delicious produce.

Fischer farms

The benefits of

Vertical Farming

Locally grown

Our delicious fresh produce is grown right here in the UK, 365-days-a-year.

Consistently High-Quality Produce

Vertically farmed in bio-secure facilities, our crops are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Producing our delicious fruits and vegetables in our innovative facility means we can harvest consistently high-quality produce all year round.

Minimises Environmental Impact

Our revolutionary system maximises space, producing significantly more harvests per year than field-grown. Plus, our ‘farm to fork’ times are considerably shorter than imported crops.

Reduce Food Waste

Grown in a bio-secure facility, our crops do not need to be washed, which retains nutrients and extends the shelf-life by as much as a week.