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Fischer farms

What we


Our produce
Fischer Farms creates the highest-quality fresh produce, with an ambition to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

We grow a wide range of delicious short leaf salad and herb products including lettuce, rocket, watercress, chard, basil, dill and parsley.  

Grown in a controlled environment, free from the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, we can select seeds based purely on their taste and texture, resulting in restaurant-quality food. 

We operate all year round, entirely independent of volatile weather conditions, providing retailers and packers with a stable supply of produce, eliminating the need to import goods from overseas.   

levels of huge vertical farm
How is our produce grown?

Using energy
efficient lights

Our crops are grown in trays racked high under energy-efficient LED lights. This method produces very little heat, allowing the light to be placed very close to the plant, without causing any heat stress.

How is our produce grown?

Using the latest
in technology

We use the very latest data analysis tools and robotic automation to optimise the growing, harvesting and reseeding systems. This means that the team can provide the perfect mix of light, nutrients, and water, enabling them to produce hundreds of harvests every year, with minimal manual intervention. Our ability to adopt innovative technology at scale means we can quickly reduce the cost of production, securing our ability to supply consistently.

worker in vertical farm
tristan with solar panels
How is our produce grown?

Using renewable

Our farms are built to be able to be powered by 100% solar and wind energy and use less than 5% of the water required for field-grown crops. Our methods also ensure there is no impact on the surrounding countryside from issues such as topsoil erosion or chemical run-off, which are typically associated with traditional farming methods.

Our future produce

The future

of farming

As we prepare to scale up our operations significantly in the coming years, we plan to expand into other crops, such as soft fruits. Our ultimate goal is to deliver significant volume of vertically farmed wheat, rice and soya, which makes up approx. 45% of people's calorie intake globally, at a price point that compares favourably to global commodity prices.

With a rapidly growing population our vision to provide the world with nutritional, high calorie foods powered by 100% renewable energy becomes ever more essential.

tristan in high viz
salad growing in vertical farm
worker in vertical farm
Fischer farms

The benefits of

Vertical Farming

Consistently High-Quality Produce

Our delicious produce is vertically farmed in bio-secure facilities, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Producing our delicious fruits and vegetables in our innovative facility means we can harvest consistently high-quality produce 365 days a year.

Minimises Environmental Impact

Our revolutionary system maximises space, producing significantly more harvests per year than field-grown. Produced in Britain, 365-days-a-year, our ‘farm to fork’ times are considerably shorter than imported crops.

Reduce Food Waste

Grown in a bio-secure facility, our crops do not need to be washed, which retains nutrients and extends the shelf-life by as much as a week.