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IWD24 – A Day in the Life at Fischer Farms: Samantha Woods

This International Women’s Day we are shining a spotlight on Samantha, our brilliant Grow Assistant, giving a glimpse of her working day at Fischer Farms, and what being a part of the vertical farming revolution means to her. 

My working day

🎶 My alarm goes off, and I tumble out of bed with a cup of ambition in hand, ready to seize the day at Fischer Farms. 🎶

For me, the day begins with a symphony of preparation and motivation, setting the tone for what lies ahead. After thirty minutes of gearing up for the day, I step out the door with the radio humming in the background, as I make my way to work. It’s a ritual that never fails to uplift my spirits and kickstart the day on a positive note.

Upon arrival at the site, my first order of business is to dive into the daily plan. Checking off tasks, and ensuring everyone is in their designated roles.

Collaboration is key at Fischer Farms, and I work closely with a dedicated team to ensure seamless operations. From Frankie and Marcus our production leads to my assistant team, colleagues like Hywel and Debbie in planning, Mark in health & safety, and the shop floor engineers, we operate as a cohesive unit, each playing a vital role in achieving our goals.

Throughout the day, I orchestrate our efforts to meet the daily plan of managing our growing system, including seeding, harvesting, and packing. This involves meticulously recording overall equipment effectiveness and overseeing production activities as well as managing any issues that arise. 

When it’s time to head home, I’m back to mum-mode. As single mother, my time outside of Fischer Farms is devoted to my son and serving as chairperson for his school committee. Together, we organise events and fundraisers to enrich the lives of our school community, embodying the spirit of giving back that defines my work at Fischer Farms.

My Fischer Farms journey 

Joining Fischer Farms was more than just a career move; it was a decision rooted in shared values and a sense of purpose. With Tristan’s inspiring mission to feed the world more sustainably, each day brings new opportunities for growth, achievement, and making a difference. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is the opportunity to support and empower my team.

As I look to the future, my ambitions at Fischer Farms are clear. One day, I hope to take on the role of production lead, leveraging my experience and passion for organisation.

Personal growth 

Beyond my professional aspirations, my role as a single mother fuels my commitment to making a difference both at work and in my community.

I started my new life as a single mum in Norwich just before I started at Fischer farms. I didn’t know how strong I could be until my son’s respect for me became the most important thing. Fischer Farms has made me realise my inner strength and how to be a strong female lead in my son’s life and someone he is proud to look up to. 

Overcoming adversity has only made me stronger and I am now confident enough to manage a team and positively support the production team. This is something the person I was a year ago would be proud of.

I’m proud to share my journey with my son, knowing that every step forward is testament to the person I’ve become and the future I’m building at Fischer Farms.