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Fischer farms


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Leading the way in automated, scalable vertical farming

Our innovative processes significantly improve productivity, deliver yields 250 times greater than conventional farming, and have minimal impact on the environment. 


The scale of our vertical farming facilities means we can supply 365 days a year in biosecure environments that are immune to adverse weather conditions. We can support you in meeting your sustainability goals whether this be reducing food waste via lifespan optimisation, cutting carbon emissions or helping you achieve the soy pledge, which commits to cutting deforestation and habitat destruction from UK Soy supply chains by 2025.

salad growing in vertical farm

Revolutionising farming

Our first vertical farm in Lichfield - one of the largest in the UK - grows a wide range of short leaf salads, using pioneering technology and 100% renewable energy. Our second site in Norfolk, which will be the world’s largest vertical farm, is set to open in 2022 and will house 25,000 m of growing space - supplying leaf salad, leafy herbs and other fresh produce to UK supermarkets and other customers every day.
From here, we plan to scale up the production of salads and herbs significantly and expand into other crops like soft fruit. Our long-term goal is to produce soya beans, rice, and wheat in significant volumes, at price points that compare favourably to global commodity prices.

Using the
latest technology

Our continuous investment into the very latest vertical farming technologies, including robotic automation, will not only allow us to significantly scale-up our operations, trialling other crops like soft fruits, but it also provides a stable and resilient food source for British retailers. 

worker in vertical farm
Invest in the
future of farming

Fischer Farms offer the ultimate impact investment. With strong demand for consistent and high-quality supply of short leaf greens and soft fruits along with an increasing expectation from customers and consumers of sustainably farmed produce we are well positioned to deliver these needs at scale. 

Our investment partners, including Gresham House, see the potential and value in the security of supply that Fischer Farms can guarantee. Get in touch to find out more.