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Fischer Farms – COP28 insights – Energy

Leaders from around the world have come together at COP28 to ‘rethink, reboot, and refocus the climate agenda.’ 

Temperature records are being repeatedly broken and climate shocks are causing wildfires, floods, storms and droughts worldwide, all of which have a significant knock-on effect on natural resources and food security. 

If we are to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, governments must refocus their net zero efforts and turn talk into action. 

From energy transition to food systems transformation, over the coming weeks, we will share our views on the topics being discussed at COP28, as we continue to champion a more resilient and sustainable future for food security. 

Today, as world leaders gather to discuss energy and industry, we are bringing you our first COP28 insight video, sharing the role that sustainable energy can play in safeguarding food security – the driving force behind the Fischer Farms mission.

Watch here….